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Action Work

Action Work

I no longer blueprint factory actions.  This is due to the fact by the time it has all the proper procedures done to it you will have way more money in it than a custom action.  Heres a list of the services required to bring it to the same condition as a custom action. 

Single point true action and bolt: $250

Recoil Lug: $40

Fix Bolt timing: $85

Bush Firing Pin: $85

Get a 20 moa rail and bed it to receiver: $100

Install Sako Extractor: $150

Modify receiver for wyatts extended box/required for big calibers throated for heavy bullets: $75

Open 6-48 scope base screws to 8-40: $100


Total of $885 plus the value of your 700 receiver which is roughly 3-400 dollars.  Your now at 1185-1285 dollars in a factory action.  I recommend guys take their 700 action to the local gun show and sell it to put that money towards a custom.  Also if you were to build a custom rifle on a factory action and go to sell it you will get nowhere near what you have into it.  The custom rifle with a custom action will retain alot more of its value and you have less money in it.  


I sell custom actions with a 20 moa rail for $950.