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Muscle Brakes

Muscle Brakes

We are now the direct distributor of the Center Shot Rifles "Muscle" Brakes and CSR muzzle brakes.  For those of you not familiar with the muscle brake it was designed to be extremely shooter friendly.  With the first port being 90 degrees it shears the back blast off from the angled ports, to prevent the "blast/concussion" effect from distracting the shooter. These brake are made of 416SS, and hardened to 30 Rockwell.  Benefits to the Muscle brake are increased recoil reduction, no back blast to the shooter as compared to typical angle port and radial port brakes, and the brake to barrel joint can be tapered and blended for a seamless appearance.  (Turning down the OD of the brakes is not recommended and may affect performance.)  We offer many different models of muscle brakes to best fit your individual wants and needs.

Pricing is as follows*: 

Service Price (Shipped) Price (Installed)
3 Port Muscle Brakes, mini, mini-mag $80.00 $180.00
5 Port Muscle Brakes $100.00 $200.00
4 & 5 Port Magnum Muscle Brakes $125.00 $225.00

 *Gunsmiths/Dealers inquire about our quantity discounts.    


Mini Muscle BrakeWas designed for cartridges of 30 caliber and less burning 65 grains of powder or less. The best performance is in the .22cal. thru 7mm standard cartridge, and any of the varmint class cartridges. The slabbed version is great for light deer/sheep rifles.

9/16x24 tpi, slabbed model fits a muzzle diameter of .620" to .850", round version up to .990".


Mini Magnum Muscle Brake: Now fit a Muscle brake to your factory magnum rifle! Was designed to fit factory sporter weight barrel contours with muzzle dia. of .620" to .850". This brake is very close in size to the mini, just a tad longer for the increased port volume.  This brake was designed to work with magnum cartridges, yet maintain a smaller profile. Where the original mini excelled with the smaller chamberings, this new design should be perfect for sporter barrels in WSM and standard Magnum cartridges. It will also reduce the recoil on the Ultra Mags to an acceptable level.

New: 1/2x28, slabbed model fits a muzzle diameter of .560 to .850".   

9/16x24, slabbed model fits a muzzle diameter of .620" to .850".  

5/8x24 round version fits a muzzle diameter of .685"-.990".


Original 3 Port Muscle Brake:  This brake works on anything from the 243 to the 338 Lapua. 45 to 95 gr of powder is covered pretty well by the one and only original muscle brake.

5/8x24 tpi. slabbed model fits muzzle diameter of .685" to .990". round version up to 1.225".  The top ported 3 port is the preferred model for specialty handguns, also works great on rifles. 


5 port Muscle Brake:  This brake came out of the need to give the same performance as the magnum 4 port but in a much smaller package.  This will tame any magnum to where a little kid can shoot it. 

5/8x24 tpi. slabbed model fits muzzle diameter of .685" to .985".  the round version is 3/4x24 tpi and fits muzzle diameter of .830" to 1.230"


Magnum 4 & 5 Port Muscle Brake: This mighty brake was designed for the Chey tac and Snipe tac sized offerings. Anything burning over 100 grains of powder will feel like a pussy cat with this brake. (short of the big 50). 

This magnum 4 and 5 port is offered with a 3/4x24 tpi thread tenon and will fit barrel diameters of .875" to 1.250 in the slabbed version and up to 1.5" in the round version.


Piercision Rifles 3 Port Muzzle Brakes

The Piercision Rifles brake has proven itself as an efficient and effective recoil reducer on cartridges up to the .338 Lapua.  With new choices in sizes this brake is filling the market as the gunsmiths preferred stocking brake.  Made of 30 rockwell stainless steel.  They are available in the following sizes: 

            .760" with a 1/2x28 tpi  

            .885" with a 9/16x24 tpi

          1.000" with a 5/8x24 tpi

By design the OD of these brakes can be turned down approximately .025" only. 

Retail customers: $80.00 shipped, or $170.00 installed.


I can install the muscle brakes and have them on their way back to you within 3-5 business days of receiving the barreled action.  Return shipping for barreled actions is $35.00.

You can buy them on my online store through pay pal/credit card or over the phone.  Or you can send a check or money order along with a description of what you're wanting.  All brakes are in stock and ship out the same day payment is received unless its received later in the afternoon.  Then it will ship out the next day. 


Muscle Brakes

Left to Right:  4 Port Magnum Round, 4 Port Magnum Slabbed, 4 Port Round, 4 Port Slabbed, 3 Port Round, 3 Port Slabbed, 3 Port Slabbed with top slots, 3 Port Mini Mag, 3 Port Mini

Left to Right:  4 Port Magnum Round, 4 Port Magnum Slabbed, 4 Port Round, 4 Port Slabbed, 3 Port Round, 3 Port Slabbed, 3 Port Slabbed with top slots, 3 Port Mini Mag, 3 Port Mini
CSR Muzzle Brakes

Left to Right: 3/4", 7/8", and 1" dia PR brakes


Picture of a properly installed Muscle Brake 



Check out what customers have to say about the Muscle Brakes:

"I use the Muscle Brake line on my personal rifles and also on my Long Range Rifles, LLC guns. Nothing I have used is better. We sell them in the LRH Store."

-Len Backus, Publisher of LRH. 


"I love your brakes!!! a day at the range sending 75 rounds of 300 grain bullets down range @2800 FPS and watching them hit the target in the scope will put a smile on anyone's face. Having absolutely no pain at anytime during or after will let me practice a lot!!! Thanks for a great product, and even better customer service!!!"

-Cord Johnson, Happy Customer

"Hey man, Just wanted to follow up with you.  Believe it or not, I finally got out for the first time today with the new brake on the 300WM.  It is amazing!!  No back blast at all and feels like a .308.  I'll be sending some more your way for sure.  Sorry took so long to reply but been super busy and wanted to let you know you did a great job. Thanks again,"