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I can't brag about your smokeless muzzle loader enough!  I have had it less than 3 weeks and I have yet to miss!!  5 deer in 4 shots is amazing.  I am used to 1.5" groups or better at 600yds with your rifles, but to shoot sub 2" at 400 yds with a muzzle loader is INSANE!!   I lined up 2 mature does and dropped them both with the 270 grain bullets, it is just a whole new world when you can trust your impact as much as I can with your custom work.   Thank You Ryan.

Matt Yamilkoski



I wanted to drop you a note about the incredible rifle you built for me. Several of my hunting buddies asked why I took a new Remington 700 7MMSTW and sent it to you for work.  I have owned or shot some of the most accurate rifles I have seen or heard of; .17" to .33" groups at 200 yds with .30 cal rifles so I was not overly impressed with 75" groups at 100 with the new factory STW.  Your work on that gun and the custom help on load development has me shooting Triple Shock Tipped bullets- yep HUNTING BULLETS, NOT TARGET ROUNDS into 1.5" groups at 600 yds!  You remember the standard factory stock and bipod I had on it... still there and after you worked it over, it has less recoil and went from .75" at 100 yds to sub 2" at 600! 
If a person wants great work, incredible accuracy and service that has impressed several of my friends whom you have now built guns for... there is no place better than Piercision Rifles.
Matt Yamilkoski


   Thanks for taking the time to go through the new muzzle loader with me. I know it seemed to take awhile to go over everything with shooting it, But I can say we both might have learned something along the way that Saturday. All I could think about and do on my road trip home was call my brother and friends and tell them how frickin awesome this build turned out!"

Thanks, Kurt


QuotesAlthough I have not received my brake yet, anyone looking for the best customer service needs to use this company. I contacted multiple companies regarding their product and received poor customer service and detailed information until I contacted Ryan. Ryan walked me through his product and what all would be needed to install and offered his install service. I did more research on other brakes and made the decision that just with his customer service and warranty, Ryan had won me over. Can't wait to receive my brake and do a second review. Thanks again Ryan.Quotes
-Brad G, Texas shooter
QuotesHey man, Just wanted to follow up with you. Believe it or not, I finally got out for the first time today with the new brake on the 300WM. It is amazing!! No back blast at all and feels like a .308. I'll be sending some more your way for sure. Sorry took so long to reply but been super busy and wanted to let you know you did a great job. Thanks again, JohnQuotes
QuotesI love your brakes!!! a day at the range sending 75 rounds of 300 grain bullets down range @2800 FPS and watching them hit the target in the scope will put a smile on anyones face. Having absolutely no pain at anytime during or after will let me practice a lot!!! Thanks for a great product, and even better customer service!!!Quotes
Cord Johnson
Happy Customer
QuotesRyan, I took the 6 brx out with me dog shooting in ND. Got doubles at 775 yrds and one at 1212 yrds just fireforming brass. By the way, that is the best way to do that chore. Suddenly it is a blast. But did it ever shoot after I got the brass fireformed. I know you know this becouse you were there, but an new NRA national 600 yard record of 200-19X! This thing drives tacks. Thanks for doing such a great job, BobQuotes
-Bob Sebold, record holder
QuotesI first met Ryan in 2011, and I saw him post some amazing scores. In talking to him I learned that he built his own rifles, and was building for other shooters. I quickly enlisted Ryan to build me a rifle on a Remington Action and Brux stock, and after one month of shooting with that rifle, I went from shooting an average of 170 to shooting an average of 190's. Ryan has a good base of knowledge on the subject of highpower shooting and as such he can guide a new shooter (such as I) in the correct direction. I have been truly impressed with Ryan's work, knowledge, and genuine skill. I will not hesitate to have Ryan build more rifles for me in the future.Quotes
-Brock Schmidt, Customer